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26th July, 2015


From the Parish Priest’s desk.

Dear Friend in Christ,

Of your charity, please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr Greg Jordan SJ, who collapsed at the Altar in Brisbane last Sunday, and died a few hours later. Fr Jordan was the much loved, long-serving chaplain of the Traditional Mass Community in Brisbane. Fr Jordan’s funeral will be in Brisbane on Thursday. The 10 am Mass that day at St Aloysius’ will be a Requiem Mass for Fr Jordan’s repose. On the behalf of our Parish, I offer condolences to the members the Brisbane Latin Mass Community, and pray that Providence will provide for the continuance of Fr Jordan’s work, and the pastoral care of the Faithful who had been entrusted to him.

I am providing, as a separate insert in today’s Bulletin, a copy of the recently issued “Lake Garda Statement” on the present Ecclesial and Civilisational Crisis. This is a very helpful summary of some of the key issues that underlie current difficulties. Since the Second Vatican Council itself, a new approach to the relationship between the Church and the world has been in development, and is increasingly in the ascendancy during the present Pontificate. However, it is difficult if not impossible to reconcile this new attitude – which plays out on the level of policy and pastoral praxis - with the demands of Divine Revelation. I urge you to make a close study of the Lake Garda statement. I hope to pursue aspects of the statement by way of further analysis, in coming weeks. My concern is for us to maintain total fidelity to Our Divine Lord and the religion He established for our salvation, in the midst of growing confusion at every level in the Church, as well as a heightened opposition to the Faith from the dominant secularised culture.

Devotedly in Christ,

Fr Glen Tattersall

Parish Priest


Children’s catechesis: Saturdays from 10 am – Noon. This has now commenced. All children of school age are eligible to participate. We strongly encourage families to be involved in this programme if possible.

St Philomena’s Piety stall: there will be a piety stall after Solemn Mass today. Proceeds go to the support of the Parish. The emphasis is on making available the various sacramentals: rosaries, scapulars, medals etc. The pious use of sacramentals – blessed items or objects of devotion – should be a regular part of one’s spiritual life. For those not previously enrolled, we will provide enrollment in the brown scapular of Our Lady of Mt Carmel on the Solemnity of the Assumption next month. Today’s piety stall will provide a good opportunity to buy scapulars for this purpose.

Adult Catechesis will now resume on Sunday, 9th August, from 12.15 – 1.00 pm. As a general rule, classes are held fortnightly. The basic text is the Compendium of the Catechism. All are welcome.

Short course on the Divine Office: this will commence next Sunday, 2nd August. Classes will be held fortnightly (taking up the Sundays that are currently free between Catechism classes), from 12.15 – 1.00 pm at Maryvale. It is anticipated that there will be somewhere between 4 – 6 classes. There will be an emphasis on the practical aspects of praying the Office, but also some historical and theological background. Those who previously indicated their commitment to this are regarded as registered for the class, and have been contacted. Additional attendees are welcome, but are asked to register this week. Those attending are asked to bring the current volume of the Breviary (if they have it) to class.

Don’t Mess with Marriage: the fine pastoral letter of the Australian Bishops on marriage, is available in the vestibule. Please study this letter carefully. You are very welcome to take extra copies to hand on to others.

Guild of St Clare: the Guild was established to bring together parishioners (and others) who are interested in the repair, design and manufacture of vestments and altar linens. We will be meeting again in the near future. Existing members of the Guild will be contacted, but new members are also welcome. Please contact Fr Tattersall for more information.

Latin course: interest is sought for a course in Latin to commence in spring, so that we might all participate more fully in the liturgy. The emphasis will be on ecclesiastical Latin and very user-friendly. The course will consist of seven one-hour classes on Saturday mornings. The teacher, Andrew Rutherford, has a strong classics background. He has taught English, philosophy and journalism at tertiary level. His versions of Horace’s odes will be published later this year by Giramondo Press. Please register your interest with the Secretary. More details will be provided soon.

There are still some In Memoriam cards available in the vestibule from the Solemn Requiem Mass for Alaister Lim on Saturday, 11th July.

Pastoral Council – Call for Nominations: the Parish Pastoral Council is comprised of the priests and nominated members of the Parish. Its role is to advise and assist the Parish Priest to promote the mission of the Church. The Council meets at least four times each year. There are five lay members of the Council nominated by members of the Parish (Category B) and up to five nominated by the Parish Priest (Category C). The term of the Category B members of the Council ends in July and accordingly under the Constitution of the Pastoral Council nominations are called for the vacant positions. Any person who is: (a) over the age of 18 years; and (b) a member of the Parish (i.e., a resident of the Archdiocese and whose name appears on the Parish Register of Members); and (c) who is approved by the Parish Priest,is eligible to be nominated. Outgoing members of the Council are able to stand for nomination. Nomination forms will be available in the vestibule from today. Completed nominations should be lodged with John Mardling, the Parish Secretary. The closing date for nominations is Monday 10th August at 5pm Those considering nomination are invited to speak either with Father Tattersall or with the Secretary of the Council, Peter Janssen, about the work of the Council and the duties of members of the Council. Peter Janssen, Secretary, Pastoral Council: Mob. 0414 963 282; Email



This is a continuation of last week’s article by Ennio Cardinal Antonelli, with acknowledgement to


The admission of the divorced and remarried and the cohabiting to the Eucharistic banquet involves a separation between mercy and conversion that does not seem to be in harmony with the Gospel. This would be the only case of forgiveness without conversion. God always grants forgiveness; but this is received only by the humble, by one who recognizes that he is a sinner and strives to change his way of life.

The climate of ethical-religious relativism and subjectivism that one breathes today instead favors self-justification, particularly in the affective and sexual spheres. There is a tendency to minimize one’s responsibility, attributing any failures to social influences. It is also easy to attribute the fault of the failure to the other spouse and proclaim one’s own innocence.

One must not, however, remain silent over the fact that, if the fault of the failure can sometimes belong to only one party, at least the responsibility of the new (illegitimate) union is that of both of those cohabiting and it is above all this that, as long as it endures, blocks access to the Eucharist. There is no theological foundation for the tendency to consider the second union positively and circumscribe the sin only to the previous separation. It is not enough to do penance for this alone. What is needed is to change one’s way of life.


Those in favor of Eucharistic communion for the divorced and remarried and the cohabiting usually affirm that the indissolubility of marriage is not in question. But apart from their intentions, given the doctrinal inconsistency between the admission of these persons to the Eucharist and the indissolubility of marriage, in the end there would be a denial in concrete practice of that which would continue to be affirmed theoretically in line of principle, with the danger of reducing indissoluble marriage to an ideal, beautiful perhaps but able to be realized only by the fortunate few.

Instructive in this regard is the pastoral practice that has been developed in the Eastern Orthodox Churches. These affirm the indissolubility of Christian marriage in their doctrine. Nonetheless, in their practice there has been an increasing multiplication of the reasons for the dissolution of the previous marriage and the granting of a second (or third) marriage. The applicants have also become very numerous. So now anyone who presents a document of civil divorce also obtains an authorization for a new marriage from the ecclesiastical authority, without even having to go through a canonical investigation and evaluation of the case. It can also be expected that Eucharistic communion for the divorced and remarried and the cohabiting would rapidly become a generalized practice. Then it would no longer make much sense to speak of the indissolubility of marriage, and there would be a loss of practical relevance in the very celebration of the sacrament of marriage.

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