The Personal Parish for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

St Aloysius' Church, 233 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North, 3161

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19th October 2014


Inaugural Newman Lecture by Dr Stephen McInerney
Fr Tattersall's Homily on the External Solemnity of Bl. John Henry Newman is now available on our youtube channel.

An Extraordinary Synod indeed: the Anti-Catholic Relatio.

13th October, 2014, will be regarded for all time as a day of infamy in the history of the Catholic Church: a moment when the enemies of the Cross of Christ - within the very bosom of the Church - sought more or less openly to introduce a series of false doctrines into the moral and sacramental orders, to defile - if it were possible - the spotless Bride of Christ, and to pervert the Gospel that She was created to preach to all men in every age. This scandalous and somewhat mysterious Relatio – which, we are assured by several Cardinals and Bishops participating in the Synod, is not at all an accurate summary of the actual views of the great majority - by its silences, equivocations, and positive errors, denies the reality of sin and the natural law, and seeks to re-fashion the very foundations of morality by avoiding the truth that certain actions are intrinsically evil, and asserting instead a false principle of graduation through degrees of perfection in the moral act. This draft document – which, it must be said – carries no magisterial authority – speaks of positive aspects of cohabitation, civil unions, and homosexuality. It appears accepting of same sex couples raising children. The document also opens up the possibility of the reception of Holy Communion by those living in gravely sinful situations. The immediate denunciation of this document by leading Cardinals and Bishops has met with reassurances from the Synod Press office that this is merely a working document for ongoing discussion in the second week of the Synod. But this response is hardly adequate, as the document is not a basis for any serious discussion, let alone decisions of the utmost gravity. It already stands justly condemned, and should be set aside. It may be that by the weekend this is what will have occurred (I am writing this column on Thursday).

A statement from Pope Francis is, as Cardinal Burke this week has said, long overdue. Catholics are entitled to expect from the Vicar of Christ a clear affirmation of traditional Catholic doctrine and practice, especially when these are openly contested in the Pope’s presence. The Petrine office was established by Christ precisely to ensure the unity of the Church, based on the faithful proclamation and explication of the Word of God. We wish to hear Peter speaking through Francis.

Fr Glen Tattersall, PP


Fr McDaniels received word on Tuesday of the grave illness of his sister, Mrs Mary Birle. Father left for the US on Wednesday to be with his sister during what are likely to be her last days. Please pray for her.

Please note the changes to the Mass timetable due to Fr McDaniels’ absence. Fr Marshall will also be absent from Caulfield from 23rd – 27th October, assisting at the Christ the King pilgrimage.

November Masses: These are offered for the living and the dead, our deceased relatives, friends and benefactors, and for those other deceased in need of God’s mercy. In November, the month of the Holy Souls, we especially pray for the Faithful departed. November envelopes are in the vestibule and the pews. The minimum stipend for one November Mass (by Archdiocesan law) is $20. Put the names of the deceased you wish to be remembered on the envelopes provided and place them in either Sunday collection. Please submit these in October, to ensure that the dead are remembered at all the Masses of November. General Mass intention envelopes are also available in the vestibule, to arrange for Mass to be offered for any other intention.

There is now a Twitter address for the Parish: - follow it to keep up to date with Parish news and events.

October is the month of the Rosary. Let us especially pray the Rosary during the coming month for the protection of the Church and for all her needs. We might add the “October prayer” to St Joseph.

Christ the King: the act of Consecration to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus will be made after each Mass next Sunday, the Solemnity of Christ the King. The public recitation of this Consecration carries a plenary indulgence under the usual conditions. Also, please note that Fr Ashley Caldow will celebrate Solemn Mass next Sunday at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo, at 3.00 pm, to conclude the Christus Rex pilgrimage.

All Saints’ Day falls on Saturday, 1st November. Although not currently a Holy Day of Obligation in Australia, you are strongly urged to attend Mass that day, in accordance with Tradition. Solemn Mass will be celebrated for All Saints’ at 10.30 am. All Souls’ Day is transferred this year to Monday, 3rd November. There will be at least three public Masses that day: Low Mass at 7 am & 10 am, and Solemn Mass at 7 pm.

First Holy Communion – Sunday, 14th December: The following children have been registered for preparation for First Confession and First Holy Communion: Teresa Denney, Raphael Joseph Francis, Gemma Owen, Joseph Pownell and Olivia Stanfield.

Scouts of Europe: expressions of interest are sought in the foundation of a branch of the Scouts of Europe, a scouting movement operating in full conformity with traditional Catholic principles. Initially, interest is sought from boys 12 years old and above, through to young men in their early twenties. We hope to provide a similar programme for girls and young women in due course, as well. Proof of Parental permission must of course accompany any application from those under 18 years of age. The following link to the Federation of North American Explorers, an association inspired by the French Scouts of Europe, and now part of the International Union of the Guides and Scouts of Europe, gives a good idea of what we hope to achieve: Those interested are invited to contact Fr Tattersall.

Sunday Family picnics in Caulfield Park: now that Spring has arrived, some families have started to gather in Caulfield Park (opposite the Church) after Sunday Solemn Mass, to enjoy each other’s company and to share a simple (BYO) picnic lunch. Everyone is welcome! For more details, please contact

News Weekly Dinner 2014 Q&A Defend Our Freedoms is being held on Tuesday, 21st October at Aurora Receptions, 149 Donald St, East Brunswick, Vic. 6:30 pm for 7:00 pm $50 pp. / Students $40 (includes 3-course meal) drinks at bar prices RSVP by Friday, October 17: Phyllis Restall Ph. (03) 9816 0800 Mobile: 0402 004 112 Email: Register online:

Historic Organs of Richmond Hill has three concerts starting from 3.00pm today, Sunday 19th October 2014. Concert 1 at St Stephen's Anglican Church, 360 Church Street Richmond. Kieran Crichton performs music by J.S. Bach, Alexandre P.F. Boëly and Percy Grainger. Concert 2 at St Ignatius Catholic Church, 324 Church Street Jim Fletcher performs music by J.S. Bach and his circle Concert 3 at Richmond Uniting Church, 304 Church Street. Christopher Trikilis performs music by J.S. Bach, Felix Mendelssohn and Julije Bajamonti. Entry: donation of cash or non-perishable food to the Richmond Churches Food Centre. Bookings are not necessary, but it is recommended that you bring a cushion. Enquiries: 9427 1282 or 9428 4871

The Thomas More Centre invites you to the Music for Life Concert, - a competition designed to encourage musicians to compose an original song which celebrates life. All selected entries will compete/perform their original compositions at the concert to win a grand prize of $1,000. When: Saturday Nov 15th at 2:00pm at the Renaissance Theatre, 826 High Street, Kew East. Cost: Adult: $20.00, Students: $15.00. Tickets can be purchase online at For more information: contact Grace Kiely on 0421 215 240 or

The Gospel, a Trust Committed to Us

O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science, falsely so called; which some professing, have erred concerning the Faith. – 1 TIM. 6: 20-21.

“These words are addressed in the first place to the Ministers of the Gospel, in the person of Timothy; yet they contain a serious command and warning for all Christians. For all of us, high and low, in our measure are responsible for the safe-keeping of the Faith. We have all an equal interest in it, no one less than another, though and Order of men has been especially set apart for the duty of guarding it. If we Ministers of Christ guard it not, it is our sin but your loss, my brethren; and as any private person would feel that his duty and his safety lay in giving alarm of a fire or of a robbery in the city where he dwelt, though there were ever so many special officers appointed for the purpose, so, doubtless, every one of us is bound in his place to contend for the Faith, and to have an eye to its safe custody. If indeed the Faith of Christ were vague, indeterminate, a matter of opinion or deduction, then, indeed, we may well conceive that the Ministers of the Gospel would be the only due expounders and guardians of it; then it might be fitting for private Christians to wait till they were well informed concerning the best mode of expressing it, or the relative importance of this or that part of it. But this has been all settled long ago; the Gospel Faith is a definite deposit, - a treasure, common to all, one and the same in every age, conceived in set words, and such as admits of being received, preserved, transmitted. … This Faith is what even the humblest member of the Church may and must contend for….” - Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman

    • Sundays in Spring

    Sunday Family Picnics in Caulfield Park

    Everyone is welcome!

    • Sunday, October 26

    Feast of Christ the King

    For the first time, a Sung Mass at St Aloysius' to celebrate this great feast!

    • October 24-26

    2014 Christus Rex Pilgrimage

    Put it in your diary now! Registrations now open!

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