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23rd April, 2017



A Pastoral Letter to the Catholics of Victoria


From the Parish Priest's Desk

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ,

In a magisterial commentary published in The Australian on Holy Saturday, A New Secularism Thrashes Tradition, the redoubtable Paul Kelly laid bare the nature of the crisis that besets our society, and threatens the foundations of what remains of civilisation: “As Christians celebrate Easter under threat and persecution in many countries, Christian tradition faces erosion in Australia from an array of forces – the failure of its churches and clerics, the march of secularism and the rise of an alternative progressive morality. This new morality” – Kelly continues, has as its focus “diversity, human rights, self-expression and identity politics. It has a set of values and a way of relating to others. Its essence is discarding the worth of tradition and enshrining in law rules and procedures for contemporary cultural norms. It is best seen as the comprehensive politicisation of our culture.”

Kelly describes our society as one “divided at its heart”, a division playing out in battles over the right to life (abortion and euthanasia), the nature of marriage and the family, gender ideology, freedom of speech and association, and education.

Rightly identifying the secular fundamentalists (who – for now – maintain a strategic alliance with Islam against Christianity) as ideologues, skillfully manipulating minority causes to delegitimise Christianity’s voice in the public square, Kelly offers dark speculations about what happens when Church and State diverge on core principles: “It would be nice to think nothing much would happen. But ideological movements never settle for compromise: they understand only total victory. For example, the triumph of marriage equality will never be complete as long as the church is allowed to deny same-sex marriage in its own domain. Laws that authorise same-sex marriage will not end this struggle; they will nearly take the struggle to another plateau.”

In fact - humanly speaking - the horizon is even bleaker than that portrayed by Kelly, who seems to assume a level of intellectual and moral coherence on the part of the hierarchy and clergy for which it would be difficult to find evidence. Clerical failures have not only been in the realm of child sexual abuse. As scandalous as this has been – both in itself and in the various cover ups in its regard – this matter has now been addressed in the Catholic Church at least in a serious and practical way, and so we are largely dealing with historical, not contemporary, cases.

The problem that Kelly raises is complicated not only by a supine clergy frightened to raise their heads above the parapet as the secularists lay siege to the Church (though these certainly exist): the real difficulty is in the fifth column of active collaborators with the secular agenda, working within the Church. In the words of St John Fisher: “The fort is betrayed, even by them that would defend it.”

A typical example of this is to be found in the Easter message of Bishop Vincent Long of Parramatta. Watch it if you dare:

Bishop Long’s Easter message essentially is a public death wish for the Catholic Church. It invites us to relinquish the obedience and certitude of faith, for a journey to oblivion via a never ending process of change – of which we are meant to be agents – that is nothing less than a radical secular leftist social agenda, dressed rather thinly in religious garb. Sorry, Your Lordship, but Our Lord Jesus Christ didn’t rise body and soul glorious from the tomb, in order for His Church to be betrayed twenty centuries later by the successors of Judas. Catholics are well and truly tired of this trash being peddled in the name of Christianity, and we’re just not going to put up with it!

Unfortunately, this is but one example of significant and sinister forces that are at work to reshape the Catholic Church, in a manner that cannot be reconciled with Her Divine Constitution. I hope to address this issue again very soon, especially in relation to the Church’s intended response to the Royal Commission on institutional child sexual abuse, and plans for the 2020 Australian synod.

With every blessing in our Victorious and Risen Lord,

Fr Glen Tattersall

Parish Priest


Pastoral letter regarding assisted suicide: as previously noted, it is anticipated that the anti-life Andrews government will introduce a bill to legalise assisted suicide in Victoria, in the second half of 2017. The Bishops of Victoria have produced a pastoral letter in response to this. Please take a copy and study it. This is a critical matter to which we will return in the near future. The Bishops are seeking laity in each Parish to assist the Church’s efforts in opposing the bill. Anyone interested and available is asked to contact Fr Tattersall.

ANZAC Day (Tuesday, 25th April): a Solemn Requiem will be offered at 10.30 am on ANZAC Day, for the repose of the souls of deceased servicemen. Please note that the early (Low) Mass on Tuesday will be at 8 am, due to the public holiday.

Parish BBQ picnic – ANZAC Day: following the Solemn Requiem for deceased servicemen on ANZAC Day (Tuesday, 25th April) we will hold a Parish BBQ picnic in the grounds of Maryvale, weather permitting. We will be monitoring weather conditions and will likely make a final decision on Monday. Any decision to postpone will be posted on the Parish website by Monday evening. The requested donation is $10 per person, or $25 for families.

Newman Fellowship: the Newman Fellowship for young adults (18 and above) will next meet on Saturday, 29th April. Confessions will be heard in the Church from 3.30 pm, and coffee and tea will be available in Maryvale from the same time. The meeting begins at 4 pm. The topic will be “The Papacy: its prerogatives and limits – Eastern and Western perspectives”. We will be joined by Fr Justin McDonnell, of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Australia, for our conversation. Following prayers in the Church at about 6 pm, supper will be served.

Easter offering envelopes are now available. These are for the support of the priests who serve the Parish of Bl. John Henry Newman. The envelopes may be placed in either collection over the next few weeks. Thank you for your generosity.

Paschal Water is now available in the vestibule for the use of Parishioners. Please be mindful of the needs of others, and take only a small amount – no more than a small vial.

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