The Personal Parish for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

St Aloysius' Church, 233 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North, 3161

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18th March, 2018




Novena to St Joseph


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

With First Vespers of Passion Sunday, we enter into the final phase of Lent, Passiontide. Upon entering the Church, the first thing we will notice is that all images, including Crucifixes, are covered. This may at first seem strange to us: why not show the image of the Crucified one especially at this time when we recall His Passion and Death? Historically, the reason is that the first Crosses did not in fact show the Suffering Christ: rather, they showed Christ the Victor, the Lamb of the Apocalypse “slain yet standing”; often, these took the form of the “Crux Gemmata”, a gleaming cross gilt with gold and studded with precious stones. The ancient practice of covering these glorious crosses continued, even when the images took a more realistic bent in the Middle Ages and later, showing in great detail the sufferings of Our Lord. But there is also a theological and spiritual reason: the covering of images, especially of the Cross, reminds us that the Divinity of Christ was especially hidden during the terrible sufferings of His Passion and Death. We are called to deepen our Faith in the continued presence of this “Deus Absconditus”, the Hidden God. By covering the sacred images on this day the Church the Church makes powerfully present the last scene in today’s Gospel, when St John tells us that “Jesus hid Himself, and went out of the Temple.” The austerity of the abridged Masses of Passiontide – with the suppression of the Gloria Patri and Psalm 42 – also focuses our attention on the drama of the Lord’s Passion.

Next Sunday, Palm Sunday, we commence the “Great” or Holy Week, celebrating the Mystery of our Redemption. Aside from the strict duties of our state, assistance at the Sacred Liturgies of Holy Week should have hold the highest priority in the life of a Catholic. For many centuries, they were Holy Days of Obligation. We should lay aside all that is not necessary, in order to adore and thank God for our Redemption through the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The only adequate worship we can render is that gifted by the Lord Himself to His Church, in the Sacred Liturgy: and in associating ourselves with this work of adoration and thanksgiving, reparation and petition, we hope to obtain the graces necessary to persevere in the Lord’s service, with renewed zeal and generosity.

Fr Glen Tattersall PP


Hung Nguyen, parishioner and Altar server in the Newman Parish, will leave for Brisbane early in April to try his vocation with the Brisbane Oratory in Formation. We congratulate Hung on this important step, and assure him of our prayers. Congratulations are due also to Br Antoninus Samy OP, who was ordained to the Diaconate in Washington DC on Saturday, 10th March.

Jubilee year of St Aloysius! The Supreme Pontiff has announced a Jubilee Year in honour of St Aloysius Gonzaga, beginning on 9th March this year (the 450th anniversary of the Saint’s birth). A plenary indulgence may be obtained during the Jubilee on the usual conditions, by those who make a pilgrimage to any Church that is under the patronage of St Aloysius, and there attend the Sacred Rites (eg Holy Mass, Office) or make any pious exercise, and conclude with the Lord’s prayer, the Apostles’ Creed, and the invocation of Our Lady, St Ignatius of Loyola, and St Aloysius.

The Solemnity of St Joseph falls tomorrow, Monday 19th March. Let us especially invoke St Joseph as Protector of Holy Church!

Holy Week programme: our Holy Week programme is now online on our website and Facebook page. As well, the schedule is a posted near the side entrance to the Church vestibule. Postcards with the programme are next to the Bulletins.

Cardinal Burke visit & Confirmations: We are honoured that His Eminence, Raymond, Cardinal Burke, will visit our Parish again this year. With the approval of His Grace, Archbishop Hart, His Eminence will confer the Sacrament of Confirmation before Solemn Pontifical Mass at St Aloysius’ Church on Sunday, 14th Oct, 2018. We will call for candidates for Confirmation in due course

A note from Fr Pius Noonan OSB to the Parishioners of the Newman Parish: “Dom Pius Mary Noonan would like to express his profound gratitude to all those who contributed to the support of the Tasmanian priory during the recent recollection day held at Blessed John Henry Newman parish. He assures you of his prayer as well as that of all the community. As we approach Holy Week, the monks of Notre Dame Priory ask Our Lord to lead you, through communion in His passion, to the glory of the Resurrection. During this month of St Joseph they do not fail to entrust to the Foster-Father of Christ all your needs, both spiritual and material.” /p>

Easter offering envelopes are now available. These are for the support of the priests who serve the Parish of Bl. John Henry Newman. The envelopes may be placed in either collection over the next few weeks. Thank you for your generosity.

Blessed John Henry’s bookroom: various new items are now in stock. Of particular interest: Philip Lawler’s Lost Shepherd – How Pope Francis is misleading his flock.

Volunteers are needed urgently to assist with the following: to assist with the following: porter duties in the vestibule from about 10 am on Sunday, including assisting newcomers with missals; hospitality after Mass, in the tea room; and the provision of transport to and from Mass, for infirm parishioners. For some time, a very small number of Parishioners has given most generously of their time and energy in these works, and deserve our deepest gratitude. For these important aspects of Parish life to be adequately supported without burdening individuals, we need a large number of volunteers to come forward. Please contact Fr Tattersall or the Secretary if you think you may be able to assist.

Safe, secure and dry storage urgently needed: we are looking for anyone who may help the parish store a very large historic (Merklin-Schutz) organ, which we hope to see restored in good time. The size of the area would need to be large enough to store about 200 cubic meters and it is currently housed in an area about 26m X 5m X 1.5m. The Parish will pay a negotiated rent if a suitable solution is found.

Trainee chef seeks placement: Alvin Voo, a Malaysian trainee chef who has recently been attending Mass in our Parish, is looking for a placement. Anyone who may be able to assist Alvin is invited to contact him on 0416 688 288, or

Iona Mass: please note that there will be no Extraordinary Form Mass at St Joseph’s Iona on 1st April (Easter Sunday).