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19th April, 2015


Bishop Meeking's homilies from Holy Week this year are now available online

From the Parish Priest’s desk….

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller has been among the leading voices critical of proposals stemming from the Vatican’s Synod on the Family that risk subverting Catholic teaching on the sacraments and morality. He was one of five cardinals who contributed to the book Remaining in the Truth of Christ, which focused on criticizing Cardinal Walter Kasper’s proposal to open up Communion to those in irregular sexual unions.

LifeSiteNews contributor Dr. Maike Hickson interviewed Cardinal Brandmüller last month.

LifeSiteNews: Could you present once more for our readers clearly the teaching of the Catholic Church, as it has been consistently taught throughout centuries concerning marriage and its indissolubility?

Cardinal: The answer is to be found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church no. 1638-1642.

Can the Church admit remarried couples to Holy Communion, even though their second marriage is not valid in the eyes of the Church?

That would be possible if the concerned couples would make the decision to live in the future like brother and sister. This solution is especially worth considering when the care for children disallows a separation. The decision for such a path would be a convincing expression of the penance for the previous and protracted act of adultery.

Can the Church at all change the teaching itself without falling herself into heresy?

It is evident that the pastoral practice of the Church cannot stand in opposition to the binding doctrine nor simply ignore it. In the same manner, an architect could perhaps build a most beautiful bridge. However, if he does not pay attention to the laws of structural engineering, he risks the collapse of his construction. In the same manner, every pastoral practice has to follow the Word of God if it does not want to fail. A change of the teaching, of the dogma, is unthinkable. Who nevertheless consciously does it, or insistently demands it, is a heretic – even if he wears the Roman Purple.

Is not the whole discussion about the admittance of remarried to the Holy Eucharist also an expression of the fact that many Catholics do not believe any more in the Real Presence and rather think that they receive in Holy Communion anyway only a piece of bread?

Indeed, there is an indissoluble inner contradiction in someone who wants to receive the Body and Blood of Christ and to unite himself with Him, while in the same time he disregards consciously His Commandment. How shall this work? St. Paul says about this matter: 'Who eats and drinks unworthily, is eating and drinking his judgment...' But: You are right. By far not all Catholics believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the consecrated host. One can see this fact already in the way many – even priests – pass the tabernacle without genuflection.

Why is there nowadays such a strong attack on the indissolubility of marriage within the Church? A possible answer could be that the spirit of relativism has entered the Church, but there must be more reasons. Could you name some? And are not all these reasons a sign of the crisis of Faith within the Church herself?

Of course, if certain moral standards that have been valid generally, always, and everywhere are not any more recognized, then everybody makes himself his own moral law. That has as a consequence that one does what one pleases. It can be added the individualistic approach to life which regards life as a single chance for self-actualization – and not as a mission of the Creator. It is evident that such attitudes are the expression of a deeply rooted loss of Faith.



ANZAC Centenary – Solemn Requiem Mass: this Saturday, 25th April, the Centenary of the first ANZAC landing at Gallipoli, we will offer a Solemn Requiem Mass at 10.30 am for the repose of the souls of deceased servicemen. The Mass setting will be the renowned Requiem of Tomas Luis de Victoria. Please make every effort to attend to pray for the eternal repose of those who fought for our country, and especially for those who gave their lives for her on the battlefield. Parishioners are also encouraged to invite family and friends to attend Mass on this important occasion.

Armenian Genocide: historians date the beginning of the genocide of Armenian Christians from 24th April, 1915, the day before ANZAC Day. As we pause to pray for our war dead on the Centenary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli, let us also pray for the victims of the Armenian genocide. We will offer a public requiem for this intention in the near future.

Catechesis for children: we are currently planning catechetical classes for children of school age. This would most likely be for one hour on Saturdays at 10.00 am (during school term time). For those interested, an additional programme teaching children singing, with an emphasis on Sacred Music, would run from 11.00 am. To assist us in planning, we are seeking expressions of interest from parents who may wish to enroll their children. Interested parents are asked to contact Fr Tattersall by email, with details of their childrens’ age and school year. We also ask parents who wish to present their children for First Confession and First Holy Communion in December, to register with us. The Saturday classes will also provide sacramental preparation. Update: our starting date has been pushed back, in order to ensure optimal preparation. Notification of commencement of the programme will be provided soon.

Certificates of Parish membership for those who have registered with the Newman Parish are available for collection after Sunday Mass. Those who have not yet registered are invited to do so, preferably online, or otherwise using the registration forms provided in the vestibule. Those who have not yet registered are invited to do so, preferably online, or otherwise using the registration forms provided in the vestibule.

Easter offering envelopes are now available. These are for the support of the priests who serve the Parish of Bl. John Henry Newman. The envelopes may be placed in either collection over the next few weeks. Thank you for your generosity.

Easter Duty: a reminder that the law of the Church requires all the Faithful – at least once a year – to receive Holy Communion worthily. Normally, this should be between Ash Wednesday and Trinity Sunday, unless for a good reason the duty needs to be fulfilled at some other time during the year.

Adult Catechesis recommences today, 19th April: we meet in Maryvale from 12.15 – 1.00 pm. The basic text is the Compendium of the Catechism. All are welcome!

How to pray the Divine Office – Sunday, 26th April: it has been gratifying to see the interest expressed in learning more about the Divine Office and how to pray it. A short course will be given soon after Easter for those interested. We will have a preliminary meeting on Sunday, 26th April, after the 10.30 am Solemn Mass. At this meeting, further arrangements will be decided that suit the convenience of those who wish to participate.

Thanks to all who have generously donated to Br. Shawn Murphy’s Seminary tuition, during our Lenten appeal. Br Shawn Murphy is continuing his studies at the Toronto Oratory in Canada, for the Brisbane Oratory in Formation. The Brisbane Oratory in Formation will be formally opened by Archbishop Coleridge on 26th May, in the Parish of Mary Immaculate, Annerley. The Oratorians will be celebrating both forms of the Roman Rite, and will formally commence their commitment to an apostolate in the Extraordinary Form on Sunday 14th June, with Solemn Mass at the Annerley Church in the morning, and Solemn Vespers and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament in the afternoon. Two priest members of the community, Frs Andrew Wise and Paul Chandler, will be visiting us in Caulfield this week as part of their ongoing formation in the traditional liturgy.

Bayside Life Vote fundraiser: Life Vote, which campaigns for pro-life representation in the Victorian Parliament, is holding a fundraiser on Sunday 26 April 2015, 4pm, at the Palace Dendy Cinema in Brighton. The movie is “Boy Choir".All funds raised will go towards the airfare and associated costs of bringing UK midwife, Mary Doogan, to Australia to tell her story of losing her job because of her conscientious objection to abortion. Tickets: $25 Students $20 Children $15 (includes tea/coffee and cake). Online purchase or contact Maria on 0438 088 681 or

The Life Coalition invites you to the 2015 Life Dinner with special guest speaker: Mary Doogan, senior midwife, Scotland, UK. Saturday June 27 The right to conscientious objection and the freedom of choice - for all! Time: 7:00 for 7:30 pm, Mannix College, Clayton / tickets $75 each, $60 student which includes two-course meal and drinks ~ R.S.V.P.: Thursday June 18. To register: please fill in form below and mail with payment to: Life Dinner, PO Box 251, Balwyn, Vic. 3103, or online at Contact Mrs Ann-Maree Kiely ~ Ph: 9816 0800, Mobile: 0447 352 252, Email:

German students seeking accommodation/work: two young men (one 20, the other 25) from a traditional Catholic home in Bavaria are seeking to spend time in Melbourne to improve their English. They both seek accommodation (not necessarily together), on terms to be negotiated. The older one is well qualified in IT and is looking for work in this area. If you may be able to help, please contact Fr Tattersall, preferably by email.

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