The Personal Parish for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

St Aloysius' Church, 233 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North, 3161

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4th October, 2015


4th October, 2015: Solemn Mass for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost.


Online signup for the Forty Hours Devotion is **NOW** available here. Please read the instructions carefully before signing up.


Flyer for the Annual Newman Lecture


Silence and Song - a Monastic Retreat for Men, 18th-21st January, 2016. Chaplain: Fr Glen Tattersall


From the Parish Priest’s desk.

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Today, the second Synod on the Family begins. It will conclude on 25th October, the Solemnity of Christ the King in the old Roman Calendar. It is of the greatest importance that we devote ourselves to prayer for our Holy Mother the Church, and for the Pope, and the Cardinals and Bishops attending the Synod, during these days. I ask that you make a particular effort to pray the Rosary daily during the month of October, and to support the Forty Hours’ Devotion at St Aloysius’ from 9th – 11th October. On the eve of the Synod, its working document, the Instrumentum Laboris, has received further extensive theological criticism, claiming that it compromises the truth:

It is easy in times of difficulty in the Church to entertain the temptation – for that is what it is – that Christ has abandoned His Church. But our faith tells us that this is impossible, and this fills us with hope in the victory of Christ. Christ, the Good Shepherd, continues to defend and nourish His little flock. St Augustine reminds us that Our Lord distinguishes His own sheep from those that are not His: ‘Those who are my sheep’, He says, ‘hear my voice and follow me.’ And if there are good sheep, Augustine continues, surely there are good shepherds, too, for good shepherds are made from good sheep. All true Shepherds are in the one Good Shepherd, Christ: it is with His voice that they speak, and it is Christ Himself who feeds His flock through them.

In the past year, we have had the immeasurable blessing of visits to our Parish by two true Shcpherds: Raymond Cardinal Burke, and Bishop Athanasius Schneider. There are many others: Cardinals Muller and Sarah, for instance, have distinguished themselves in recent times. God’s People are not forgotten by the Lord Himself, or by the shepherds whom He always sends.

Considering the turmoil and contention that we have witnessed over the last two and half years, might I be permitted to express the following wish list for the Synod, and for the offices of teaching and governing in the Church generally?

• The binding nature of Revealed Truth in Sacred Tradition and the Sacred Scriptures, must be affirmed and revered by all, and false notions of development of doctrine, which would permit contradictory changes, must be rejected;

• Doctrine must govern pastoral policy, not the other way around;

• Let there be Evangelical directness and simplicity of language: let our ‘yes’ be yes, and our ‘no’, no. Let Churchmen eschew fawning demonstrations of the Cult of Personality, all motherhood statements, weasel words, ambiguity and equivocation. For instance, I for one am tired of hearing how we have to “accompany” various classes of people. This used to be regarded as a form of condoning sin….

• The moral law, as a participation in the Eternal Law of God, is itself the perfect expression of Divine Love, Wisdom, Justice and Mercy in man’s regard. Therefore, to diminish or derogate from this law is not within the Church’s power – nor could it ever be an expression of authentic mercy.

• The moral law is not simply a beautiful ideal that is beyond our reach, but its observance – by the power of God’s grace – is essential for our salvation. Therefore to obscure the natural law or to deny its obligatory character is an act of great wickedness, because it shows hatred for man by depriving him of the necessary means to achieve his supreme good, union with God. It is therefore incumbent upon the Synod Fathers, and especially the Pope, to reaffirm God’s law, especially in all the matters that have been recently contested.

• The Church can and must speak with clarity, conviction and compassion to at least three different classes of people: She must affirm and support Her faithful children, many of whom suffer greatly for their heroic witness; She must recall her wayward children to conversion of life; and She must proclaim the Gospel committed to Her, whole and entire, to the world.

Devotedly in Christ,

Fr Glen Tattersall, PP.


Novena to Bl. John Henry Newman 1st – 8th October: please pray the Novena to our Patron for the spiritual and temporal welfare of our Parish, and for your own needs and intentions. Copies are available in the vestibule and on line.

The feast of our Parish Patron, Bl. John Henry Newman, is this Friday 9th October.

Forty Hours’ Devotion, 9th -11th October: we will hold the Forty Hours’ Devotion (Solemn continuous Eucharistic Exposition over three days and nights, with Solemn Mass each day), from Friday 9th October (our Patronal feast of Bl. John Henry Newman) to Sunday 11th October. The Forty Hours’ will be directed to prayer for the Synod, as well as for the needs of our Parish. The Adoration roster is now available in print in the vestibule, as well as on line: Please sign up as soon as possible, and invite others to join us! The Forty Hours’ commences with Solemn Mass followed by Benediction at 7 pm this Friday, 9th October. The second Solemn Mass will be celebrated at 10.30 am on Saturday, 10th October. The closing Solemn Mass and Benediction with be at 10.30 am Mass on Sunday, 11th October.

Annual Newman Lecture, & picnic BBQ – Sunday, 18th October: The annual Newman Lecture will be delivered this year by the Reverend Dr Scot Armstrong of the Brisbane Oratory. Father Armstrong will consider the crisis of modernity and its resolution through the “conversions" in the life of our Blessed Patron, John Henry Newman. The lecture will commence immediately after Solemn Mass on Sunday 18th October and will be followed by a Parish BBQ in the grounds of Maryvale. Donations will be requested for the lecture and separately for the BBQ. Proceeds after costs will be gifted to support the tuition of Br Shawn Murphy, a member of our Parish who is a Novice with the Brisbane Oratory. The lecture will be an important opportunity for all of us together to deepen our understanding of, and our devotion to, our Blessed Patron, on whose prayers the welfare of our Parish and its members depend. The occasion will also be an important fundraiser to assist the Brisbane Oratory with Br Shawn’s tuition costs. Please set the date aside if you are able and attend to make this occasion a success. Friends are welcome. For further details see the flier at the Parish website:

Stewardship and the Newman Parish – planned giving: new Parishioners are invited to consider pledging their regular financial support for the support of the clergy who serve them, and for the needs of the Newman Parish. Existing Parishioners are also urged to review their contributions, in proportion to their means. Pledge forms are available in the vestibule. Thank you for your consideration.

Christus Rex pilgrimage: this year will be the “Silver Jubilee” of the inception of the Christus Rex pilgrimage. It will go on foot from Ballarat to Bendigo from 23rd – 25th October. This is an occasion of great grace for individuals and families. Make the commitment now, to attend if you can! For more details or to register, go to:

October – month of Rosary & prayer to St Joseph: on 7th October we will celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, which was instituted to mark the great Catholic victory over Islamic aggression at the battle of Lepanto, in 1571. The Church dedicates all of October to invoking Our Lady’s intercession by means of the Holy Rosary. Let us especially pray the Rosary – individually, and in the family - throughout this October, adding the special October prayer to St Joseph, for the defence of marriage and of the family, and for the Synod on the Family to be held at that time. The prayer to St Joseph may be found here: .

March for the Babies: Saturday 10th October 2015, 1pm at Treasury Gardens, East Melbourne (meet at the corner of Spring Street & Wellington Parade): Take my hand - Not my life. Show your Support: Wear Pink and/or Blue. Join us for the 7th Annual March for the Babies - a peaceful rally to defend the rights of unborn babies and their mothers against the 2008 Abortion Law Reform Act. Enquiries:

Illumination: currently, and until 15th November, the Ian Potter Museum of Art is exhibiting one of Australia’s finest collections of Medieval and Renaissance art from the Kerry Stokes Collection, c.1280-1685. For further details of this event, visit

Please pray for Marie Prince, currently in hospital recovering from a fall.

“Wake up the World”: a conference to celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life has been organized by the Conventual Sisters of St Dominic, and the Association for the Promotion of Religious Life (APREL). The Conference is being held on Saturday 17th October from 10 am to 4 pm at St Patrick’s School Hall, Mentone. Admission is free and lunch is provided. For further information go to or search "aprel australia".

November Masses: These are offered for the living and the dead, our deceased relatives, friends and benefactors, and for those other deceased in need of God’s mercy. In November, the month of the Holy Souls, we especially pray for the Faithful departed. November envelopes are now available in the vestibule. The minimum stipend for one November Mass (by Archdiocesan law) is $20. Put the names of the deceased you wish to be remembered on the envelopes provided and place them in either Sunday collection. Please submit these in October, to ensure that the dead are remembered at all the Masses of November. General Mass intention envelopes are also available in the vestibule, to arrange for Mass to be offered for any other intention.

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