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14th April, 2019


2019 Holy Week Programme

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Let us pray for the Church, as She Herself experiences in our time the Mystery of the Passion of Her Founder. And let us take heart from the words of our patron, Bl. John Henry Newman:

“It is the death of the Eternal Word of God made flesh, which is our great lesson how to think and how to speak of this world. His Cross has put its due value upon every thing which we see, upon all fortunes, all advantages, all ranks, all dignities, all pleasures; upon the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. It has set a price upon the excitements, the rivalries, the hopes, the fears, the desires, the efforts, the triumphs of mortal man. It has given a meaning to the various, shifting course, the trials, the temptations, the sufferings, of his earthly state. It has brought together and made consistent all that seemed discordant and aimless. It has taught us how to live, how to use this world, what to expect, what to desire, what to hope. It is the tone into which all the strains of this world's music are ultimately to be resolved.

“In the Cross, and Him who hung upon it, all things meet; all things subserve it, all things need it. It is their centre and their interpretation. For He was lifted up upon it, that He might draw all men and all things unto Him.

“Let us not trust [the world]; let us not give our hearts to it; let us not begin with it. Let us begin with faith; let us begin with Christ; let us begin with His Cross and the humiliation to which it leads. Let us first be drawn to Him who is lifted up, that so He may, with Himself, freely give us all things. Let us ‘seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness’, and then all those things of this world ‘will be added to us’. They alone are able truly to enjoy this world, who begin with the world unseen. They alone enjoy it, who have first abstained from it. They alone can truly feast, who have first fasted; they alone are able to use the world, who have learned not to abuse it; they alone inherit it, who take it as a shadow of the world to come, and who for that world to come relinquish it.” (Bl, John Henry Newman, The Cross of Christ the Measure of the World).

Fr Glen Tattersall PP

The Liturgy of Holy Week

Palm Sunday is a day that celebrates the Kingship of Christ in His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, while it also initiates us into the Passion of Our Lord. Following the Passion according to St Matthew, on Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week we will hear the Passion according to Sts Mark and Luke. These are completed by St John’s moving account of the Passion on Good Friday.

On Spy Wednesday evening, we will have the first celebration of Tenebrae, the Offices of Matins and Lauds celebrated only by candlelight. We will celebrate this again on Good Friday evening. These Offices are deeply moving meditations on the Passion and Death of the Lord (please note that on account of their length and lateness, they are not suitable for small children).

On Maundy Thursday, the Church recalls the institution by Our Lord of the ministerial priesthood and of the Holy Eucharist, as well as the importance of fraternal charity. At the Mass of the Lord’s Supper in the evening, the Mandatum, or ceremonial washing of the feet of twelve men by the Celebrant of the Mass, unites the mystery of humble charity to the mystery of the Priesthood, as it recalls Our Lord’s washing of the feet of the Apostles on the night He ordained them as Bishops and instituted the Eucharistic sacrifice. It is for this reason that the Mandatum, when being celebrated by a Bishop or priest, traditionally is restricted to male participants. Until very recently, the Roman Pontiffs washed the feet of twelve priests on this occasion. After Holy Mass, and following the stripping of the Altars, we are invited to remain in a prolonged communion of Eucharistic Adoration at the Altar of Repose, which continues until Midnight. Here, we are privileged to keep vigil with the Lord, and to enter into the spirit of Gethsemane. This year, let us pray for the purification of the Church and Her unity in Faith and charity, the conversion of sinners, and the vindication of the innocent (we think of all those persecuted for the Faith, and those accused, or even convicted, of crimes that they did not commit). Let us pray especially for Christ’s Faithful in the “underground” Church in China, that they may persevere in the Faith in the face of a double persecution: from the Communist government in Peking, and from those within the Church who have betrayed them.

On Good Friday, at the very hour of the Lord’s Passion and Death, we offer Solemn Intercessions for all the needs of the Church, and for the salvation of souls, before venerating the Holy Cross, the instrument of our Redemption, and have the possibility of receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion.

Holy Saturday is a “non-liturgical” day when the Church silently mourns Her Lord in the tomb, awaiting the Resurrection. Then, in the darkness of Holy Saturday night, the Light of the Risen Lord shines out from the Paschal Candle, taken from the Paschal fire that in turn has been lit from flint (symbolising both Creation and the Resurrection). The Church’s lyrical proclamation of the Resurrection in the “Exultet” is followed by the Old Testament lessons of Creation and the promise of Redemption, ending in the Litany of the Saints and the blessing of the Paschal Water. As we renew the promises of our own Baptism on this Holiest of nights, let us pray for those who are being baptised at the Paschal Vigil here and throughout the Church. In the Resurrection, which we will continue to celebrate through the days of the Octave through to Pentecost, we will rejoice in the perfect and permanent victory of Christ our Lord over Satan, sin and death: “May the light of Christ in glory rising again, dispel the darkness of heart and mind!” “By His Holy and Glorious Wounds may Christ the Lord guard and preserve us.” (from the blessing of the Paschal Candle).

Easter Sunday and all the days of the Octave Easter are truly blessed and joyous days in which the Church – without interruption – gives forth continuous thanks and praise for Her deliverance through the Victory of Our Crucified and Risen Lord. If possible, let us continue to attend daily Mass during the Easter Octave, reaping the graces from prayers and penance sewn in Passiontide and Holy Week.

Upheld by God’s grace, and worshipping the Lord in spirit and in truth, let us now enter into Holy Week and finally the Easter Octave, with due devotion of heart, mind and soul.

Please note that there will be no Extraordinary Form Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral this Wednesday, 17th April; also, there is no Mass at Kealba on Holy Saturday, 20th April. The full Holy Week programme at St Aloysius’ Church is provided in this Bulletin.

We welcome Bishop Meeking back for his 10th consecutive Holy Week with us.

Easter Offering envelopes: Easter offering envelopes are now available in the pews and in the vestibule near the Bulletins. Your offerings are for the support of the clergy who serve the Parish of Bl. John Henry Newman. Please place your offering in one of the envelopes provided, and leave in the first Collection at Sunday Mass over the next few weeks. Thank you for your generosity.

Good Friday collection: the usual special collection will be taken up at the 3 pm ceremony on Good Friday, for the support of the Holy Places. Alternatively, offerings for this purpose may be placed in the Good Friday collection envelopes and left in the Sunday second collection, up until 5th May.

Confessions during Holy Week: Confessions will be heard today (Palm Sunday) before and during each Mass, as usual. The Sacrament of Penance will also be available after each public Mass from Monday-Wednesday, on Maundy Thursday after the evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper, and on Good Friday during and after the Stations of the Cross, and before and during the 3 pm Commemoration.

Adult Catechism Classes will resume on Sunday, 5th May. Classes are being held (for the time being) at Maryvale, between 9.30 & 10.00 am.

Latin Class: The new term commences on Sunday, 28th April, when fees ($50 per term) are payable. New students are asked to register by emailing the Secretary.

Newman Academy – school information day Saturday, 27th April: interested families are invited to attend a BBQ at 1 pm, followed by a meeting that will detail the latest developments. To enable the school to start in 2020, we need all interested parents to attend the information and show their support. We will be seeking pre-enrolment To confirm your attendance and reserve your place, please visit

Hospitality after Sunday Solemn Mass: volunteers are sought to assist with the tea and coffee service after the Solemn Mass on Sundays, and attending the vestibule before Mass to assist visitors. Duties would fall monthly on a rostered basis. This is a great way of meeting other Parishioners and visitors. If you are interested in helping, please call Peter Janssen, President of the Parish Pastoral Council, on 0414 963 282.

Parents wishing to register their children for Sunday catechesis are asked to contact the Secretary via email: . You will then be forwarded a registration form. Please note that this is NOT registration for the Newman Academy. The new term will recommence on Sunday, 28th April, at 9.30 am (in the freestanding classroom).

The Parish of Bl John Henry Newman

Mass and Confession Times

14th April to 21st April

Date Mass Times Feast

Sunday (14th April)

  • 8.00 am
  • 10.30 am (Solemn Mass, preceded by the blessing and distribution of palms, and Procession)
  • 5.00 pm
  • (Saturday 13th April – 5.00 pm at St Paul’s Kealba)


  • 7.00 am
  • 10.00 am
  • (Monday in Holy Week)


  • 7.00 am
  • 10.00 am
  • (Tuesday in Holy Week)


  • 7.00 am
  • 8.00 am
  • 9.00 am
  • 10.00 am (Low Pontifical Mass)
  • 7.30 pm Tenebrae
  • (Spy Wednesday)


  • 7.30 pm (Solemn Pontifical Mass of the Lord’s Supper, with adoration at the Altar of Repose until midnight)
  • (Maundy Thursday)


  • 10.30 am (Stations of the Cross)
  • 3.00 pm (Commemoration of the Passion and Death of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ)
  • 7.30 pm Tenebrae
  • (Good Friday)


  • 7.30 pm (Paschal Vigil and Solemn Mass)
  • N.B. There will be no Mass at Kealba on Holy Saturday 20th April.
  • (Holy Saturday)

    (21st April)

  • 8.00 am
  • 10.30 am (Solemn Pontifical Mass of Easter)
  • 5.00 pm

    Eucharistic Exposition: After 7.00am & 10.00am weekday & Saturday Mases

    Confessions: Saturday after each Mass; Sunday before and during each Mass; or after any Mass by request.

    The Parish of Bl John Henry Newman


    14th April - 21st April, 2019