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19th November, 2017


2018 Silence and Song Retreat


From the Parish Priest's Desk

Dear friends in Christ,

“It’s a crime that almost 40 per cent of the population saw a reason to vote No,” cried a Melbourne man celebrating the result of the postal survey, and quoted by The Australian on Wednesday. Just over 20 years ago, sodomy was still a crime in Tasmania (South Australia was the first State to decriminalise homosexual activity in 1975). Now, those of us who don’t agree with the dangerous fantasy of same sex marriage are being labeled criminals! One can only agree with Dostoyevsky’s observation in The Idiot that “liberals are incapable of allowing anyone to have his own convictions and immediately answer their opponent with abuse or something worse.”

While we must do all within our power to defend the freedom of the Church, and the civil rights of freedom of speech and association, we must not be surprised that these will be under siege; nor should we (and this especially includes Catholic politicians) in any way agree to accept same sex marriage in a Faustian bargain to purchase our own freedom.

It is critical for us as Catholics to bear consistent and clear witness to true marriage (not only sacramental marriage, but as a natural institution). Assuming the Commonwealth Parliament is lawfully constituted at present (which is by no means certain, given the ongoing dual citizenship crisis), any attempt to legislate for same sex marriage would still be null and void, as it would be ultra vires – since it is outside of the power of any State (or the Church) to legislate against the natural law. Marriage was instituted by God as relationship between one man and one woman, exclusive of all others and ended only by the death of one of the spouses, for the procreation and education of children, and the mutual love and support of the partners. As a natural institution, marriage clearly predates the rise of States, which have no power to alter its essential qualities. Aside from maintaining and proclaiming the constant teaching of the Church, how might we be required to bear witness in the changed circumstances that are likely to be upon us in the near future?

Firstly, we will need to ensure that we do not agree to place ourselves in a situation that would ordinarily be understood as signifying approval of the new arrangements. A clear example of this is that one could never justify attending a “same sex marriage” ceremony. I believe it will also be necessary for clergy to consider whether they should surrender their civil marriage licenses, rather than simply rely upon an exemption granted under the legislation. In the case that clergy were to repudiate their power to give civil recognition to a marriage, they would still of course retain their authority from the Church to preside at a Church wedding. If we understand correctly that the State is attempting a substantial change to the natural institution of marriage, then it is actually creating a new institution that is based on a lie about human nature, in order to legitimate something that is gravely sinful. In such circumstances, I question whether Catholic couples should even seek civil recognition for a valid Church marriage. The best Catholic witness may be to abandon a perverted civil institution to its own authors and promoters.

The survey result should not surprise us, in that it reveals that the so-called “moral majority” has ceased to exist. We live in a Godless society, immersed in a radically secular culture. The nineteenth century Polish author Adam Mickiewicz might have been describing our current situation when he wrote (in Pan Tadeusz ): “That rabble had a mighty power over minds, for when the Lord God sends punishment on a nation he first deprives its citizens of reason. And so the wiser heads dared not resist the fops, and the whole nation feared them as some pestilence, for within itself it already felt the germs of disease. They cried out against the dandies but took pattern by them; they changed faith, speech, laws, and costumes. That was a masquerade, the license of the Carnival season, after which was to follow the Lent of slavery.” This is no idle warning: the abuse of freedom sets a society on the path to dictatorship.

The abuse of freedom and the deification of personal autonomy are expressed and promoted by the sexual revolution. The easy availability of contraception with the advent of “the Pill”, meant that the connection between the unitive and procreative dimensions of human sexuality was broken in practice on a vast scale. This made possible the sexual revolution in the 1960s, and propelled it into our own times. Purity and chastity were abandoned, as it became easy to live together without benefit of marriage, and to avoid the “burden” of children. Can we be surprised if, in an atmosphere of recreational and promiscuous sex among men and women, those with same sex attraction sought approval for a similar lifestyle among themselves? At first, this “liberation” movement rejected marriage for homosexuals as “bourgeois”. Now, it seeks the ultimate form of acceptance by imitating the institution it had once mocked.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for us will be to maintain and convey to our own young people the importance of holy purity, as it is expressed in living chastely in accordance with one’s station in life. The inevitable degradation of our culture is a two edged sword: while it will draw many into its embrace, it will also repel others. Some, having experienced its emptiness, will understand that it cannot bring happiness. This will bring opportunities for us to preach the Gospel, and to show wherein true freedom and liberation are to be found.

We also cannot be unaware that the sexual revolution has taken hold of many within the Catholic Church. It is acceptance of the demands of the sexual revolution that is behind the attempt to admit Catholics living in adultery to Holy Communion; and it is the spirit of the same revolution that is attempting to undermine, and abolish, mandatory clerical celibacy. The true reform of the Church is therefore intimately bound up with overcoming the advocates and slaves (open and hidden) of the sexual revolution within the Church, and especially from within the ranks of the clergy.

Confident that the Lord of History guides events in accordance with His all wise and all holy Providence, let us move forward with courage, relying upon Divine grace and the protection of Mary Immaculate, resolved to bear witness to Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Way that we must follow, the Truth that we must know, and the Life that we must have.

With every blessing,

Fr Glen Tattersall PP


There will be a Requiem Mass of the Month’s Mind for the repose of the soul of Greg Dunlop, at 8 am tomorrow (Monday, 20th November).

November Masses: : In November, the month of the Holy Souls, we especially pray for the Faithful departed. Above all, we have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for their eternal repose. For this purpose, November envelopes are now available in the vestibule. The minimum stipend for one November Mass (by Archdiocesan law) is $20. Put the names of the deceased you wish to be remembered on the envelopes provided and place them in either Sunday collection.

Transport request: we have a request from a young man who is bound to a wheel chair, for transport to Sunday Mass (preferably the Solemn Mass). He lives in the Croydon area. Anyone who may be able to assist is invited to contact Fr Tattersall.

Newman Academy: we are continuing to work towards opening a school (ultimately teaching Years 5-12, and employing a classical curriculum). To enable us to move this project forward to readiness for registration, it will be necessary to find part time dedicated administrative staff. In order to be able to budget for this in 2018, we will need to find at least $30,000 in additional income. Those who are able and willing to make a dedicated contribution to this cause are invited to contact Fr Tattersall on a confidential basis. The Academy website provides more details of our vision for what we believe is a vital educational project:

Organists sought: we are seeking parishioners with good keyboard skills to assist with organ music during the Sunday Solemn Mass once per month (usually the last Sunday), and potentially at other times. This represents an exciting opportunity for anyone with a musical background to contribute to sacred music in the Parish liturgical programme, by playing the newly-restored, historic Wolff Organ. No experience at playing the organ is required, and training on how and when to play during Mass will be provided. A stipend will be offered. Expressions of interest or inquiries: please e-mail the Secretary at, or phone: (03) 9532 7771.

Ladies of the Newman parish: you are invited to a leisurely afternoon tea at Maryvale, on Saturday 2nd December, from 3pm. Come and enjoy some delicious food, tea and coffee while chatting with the women of the parish; a great opportunity to get to know each other better. Babes in arms also welcome. More details to follow. Please email, text or call Eve Woolven to RSVP by 25th November: Mob. 0490 332 185

Thanksgiving Mass for Christus Rex pilgrimage: the 10 am Mass on Saturday, 2nd December, will be a Mass of thanksgiving for the graces of the 2017 Christus Rex pilgrimage.

Rebuilding Iraq and Syria: SOS Chrétiens d' Orient and the Future of the Christian Middle East: St Gerard’s Parish Hall, St Gerard’s Catholic Church, 71 Gladstone Road, Dandenong North, on Tuesday, 5th December, at 7 pm. SOS Chrétiens d’ Orient is a French Catholic humanitarian organisation providing essential aid and assistance to persecuted Christians in the Middle East. The speaker will be SOS co-founder, Benjamin Blanchard, who spends much of his time working in Syria and Iraq. Come and meet us and find out what you can do to help. Cheese & wine will be served.