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17th June, 2018


From the Parish Priest's Desk

Dear friends in Christ,

Recent days have brought a flurry of matters that should be of deep concern to us all. Uppermost in our minds will be the direct attack on the sanctity and integrity of the Sacrament of Penance, in legislation passed by the ACT that purports to override the Seal of Confession. The secrecy guaranteed to the penitent by the Seal is absolute, and admits of no exceptions. The Church Herself has no power to change it – let alone the State. Priests must – and will – go to prison, rather than violate the Seal. Such legislation will do nothing to prevent crime, or to assist the victims of crime. What it does do is strike a significant blow against the freedom of the Church and the liberty of Christians, and in particular it denies the right of Catholic priests to go about their priestly ministry unhindered. It should be borne in mind that the only way such legislation could lead to the prosecution of a priest is by entrapment. Is this the intention of the ACT legislature? If not, why pass legislation that law enforcement agencies cannot, or will not, enforce? It is of deep concern that as we go to print, the South Australian government has announced its intention to pass similar legislation, and that the Commonwealth Attorney-General, Christian Porter, has declared himself in favour of removing the privilege of the Seal.

In future weeks it may be necessary for us to return to the broader issue of the implementation of the recommendations of the Royal Commission on the Institutional Response to Sexual Abuse. But as we at least register our concerns about this, let us also recall that the recommendations of the Ruddock Review on Religious Freedom, are expected to be published soon. Martyn Iles of the Australian Christian Lobby is right to express concerns about where this might be taking us: 12 June 2018&utm_content=eNews 12 June 2018+CID_6ec773843f355a1371f723e91d2c72ef&utm_source=CreateSend&utm_term=Read Martyns Blog

Meanwhile, the “gender revolution” continues unabated. Catholics concerned about such programmes as “Respectful Relationships” being mandated in schools, might at least have hoped for support from Church bodies, in a way consistent with Catholic belief. Instead, even here, we sometimes see open support for the homosexualist agenda:

What a relief to know that, as the Catholic house burns down around us in Australia, preparations for the Plenary Council of 2020 continue unperturbed and unabated:

At least Lana Turvey-Collins (Plenary Council Facilitator), whose support for same-sex marriage was first exposed in this Bulletin, will not have her religious freedom too disturbed, one suspects. Does anyone really imagine that the preparations for the Plenary Council will be anything more than an echo chamber for the views of modernist and “professional” Catholics (AKA Church bureaucrats and failed educationalists), who will spend all their time and energy venting their hatred for the old Church from which they have “liberated” themselves? Given that the Plenary Council is slated to meet for only two days - after a two year monologue of all the usual suspects - can we expect anything useful to emerge?

After all, Catholic doctrine and discipline are not up for grabs at this Plenary Council. It is only in matters of prudential judgment that a wide consultation might actually be helpful, and, indeed, just. But that is exactly what Catholics are consistently denied. The Catholic Bishops have signed up for the redress scheme for purported victims of sexual abuse. Given the low burden of proof to be placed on claimants, one has to expect an inversely proportionate level of fraud in this scheme. No one has told Catholics how the Bishops propose to foot the bill for this. Given the basic principle of personal responsibility, Catholics might rightly ask why they should be required – either by direct contribution, taxation of parishes, or liquidation of patrimony – to fund a scheme that is the outcome of decades of negligence not by them, but by their Bishops? And will the costs of problems in particular Dioceses be subsidised by others with little or no history of denial or neglect? These questions remain to be answered. What a shame we didn’t have a Plenary Council to talk about things like that. Still, there would be other things to discuss if those concerned are really serious about preparing the Church for the future. In order to do so, we must first confront with honesty the follies of the last half century. Let’s not start with self-congratulations, or with cults of personality that have no place anywhere, let alone in the Church. The recent comments of Italian essayist Marcello Veneziani, written in response to the collapse of the Church in Italy, might be applied just as well to Australia: “This push, this acceleration of the past years – the empty churches, the beliefs and vocations that are being extinguished inexorably - not only was all of this not stopped by the presence of a Pope so appreciated by both the media and the makers of public opinion, but was on the contrary aggravated by the fact that he is replacing a tradition that is millennia old –its rites, its liturgies, its vision of humanity –with a personalized revision that complies with the spirit of our time.  Attuning to the times is not a virtue if those times are marching recklessly and desperately towards the negation of all sense of the sacred, of God and human limitations, and if they are wedded to an unprecedented practical and radical atheism.”

Let us pray for the Church! May God bless you!

Fr Glen Tattersall PP

Please pray for the priests of the Newman Parish, as they celebrate their respective anniversaries of priestly ordination: Fr Tattersall on 23rd June, Fr Marshall on 27th June, and Fr McDaniels on 29th June. This year, Fr Marshall celebrates his silver jubilee. As he will still be on vacation at that time, the Parish celebration will be postponed until after his return.

Fr Marshall will be absent on annual leave until Wednesday 4th July. Please note the consequent changes to the Mass timetable this week: there will be no 10 am Mass on Tuesday or Wednesday, and no 6 pm Mass on Friday.

Congratulations to Newman Parish parishioner and server, Hung Nguyen, who has now been formally admitted to the Brisbane Oratory in Formation, and received the name Br John Henry. We are pleased to have the chance to convey our best wishes to John Henry after Solemn Mass today, and to farewell him before he leaves for Toronto, Canada, to commence formally his Novitiate and priestly formation.

The feast of St Aloysius falls this Thursday, 21st June. It is a first class feast in our Church of St Aloysius, and as previously announced, a special Aloysian Year has been declared. Masses are at 7 am & 10 am.

Pilgrimage to St Aloysius’ Church for the Year of St Aloysius: we are pleased to join with the local parish in an initiative to honour St Aloysius. The Newman Fellowship will take part, and young people from around the Archdiocese have been invited. All age groups are of course welcome. On Saturday 30th June, there will be a BBQ lunch at St Anthony’s grounds in Grange Rd, Glen Huntly (commencing at Noon). Pilgrims will go by foot to St Aloysius’ Church, departing St Anthony’s at 2 pm. There will be prayers and hymns en route, before pilgrims process into St Aloysius’ around 3 pm for devotions concluding with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Afternoon tea will then be provided, and a number of interesting stalls will be open.

The Latin Mass Society of Australia has a limited number of places for a Black Tie dinner in honour of His Eminence, Raymond Cardinal Burke, to be held at the Melbourne Savage Club on Saturday, 13th October. Further details are available in the flyers in the vestibule. To book, go to: There will be a Parish event (BBQ lunch) with Cardinal Burke on Sunday, 14th October, following Confirmations and Pontifical Mass, at which all will be welcome. The Parish luncheon will be followed by a talk by His Eminence, at which everyone will also be welcome.

The following are currently registered for Confirmation to be conferred by Cardinal Burke on Sunday, 14th October 2018, at St Aloysius’ Caulfield North: Edina Kismartini, Michael Francis, Raphael Francis, Gemma Casanova, Mary Casanova, Gemma Owen, Gerard Owen, Jake Firmager, Felix Duane, Ashley Stanfield, Olivia Stanfield, Lily Wawolangi, Pavel Dvorak, Isabelle Burton, Rosalia Clay, Ross Clay, Ignatius Clay, Cecilia Van Strijp, Christian Walkerden, Jacob Macpherson, Francesca Morton, Vesna Araullo, Nicholas Martin, Justine Ma Gabrielle and Neomi Gestano. If you believe you have registered yourself or your children but are not on this list, please contact us ASAP. Additional registrations will be accepted up until 1st July (please email the Parish Secretary), and sacramental preparation will commence in July.

The Parish is seeking the assistance of volunteers to assist in general maintenance work. The maintenance team has several projects in hand, ranging from polishing brass-work (doors, candelabra, etc), stripping and repainting the church doors (inside job), general repairs to furniture and fittings. Hours are negotiable to suit the worker; most tools and supplies are supplied. This is open to men and women who have basic handyman or cleaning skills. Enquiries through Chris Tyrrell, Mob. 0417 017 817, or

An invitation to serve at the Altar we will soon be commencing new training sessions for the service of the Altar. Both men and boys who have made their first Holy Communion are welcome to join the serving team. Minors require parental permission. It is fitting that all Catholic boys and men should know how to serve Holy Mass. Please contact Fr Tattersall to indicate your interest.