The Personal Parish for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

St Aloysius' Church, 233 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North, 3161

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25th February 2018


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

The Collect of the first Sunday of Lent reminded us that through the observance of Lent, God purifies His Church. On the one hand the Church, as the spotless Bride of Christ, is always pure and holy, having no life other than grace; on the other hand, in Her human aspect She is comprised of sinners, and so always in need of purification. At certain times in Her history, such as in the period leading up to the Protestant Reformation, and – distressing as it is to admit – the present age, the sinfulness of some of the Church’s members (especially among the clergy and religious) reaches a point where the Divine and supernatural reality of the Church – which can never fail in itself – is eclipsed: that is, even though this reality remains present, it is lost to our sight for a time. The mystery of Our Lord’s Transfiguration – related in today’s Gospel – strengthens and prepares the followers of Christ to face not only the “scandal” of Christ’s Passion and Death, but the scandal of sin in the midst of Christ’s Church (Our Lord also prepared us for this through various parables, such as that of the wheat and the tares, and also in His teaching about the Last Times). It is essential in times such as ours to have a keen and ever deeper sense of the supernatural reality of the Church, so that we are not only kept from discouragement, but impelled to deepen our love of the Church, and to pray and work unceasingly for Her purification and renewal.

In today’s Mass, the Church places before us St Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians: “For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you should abstain from fornication, that every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honour; not in the passion of lust, like the Gentiles that know not God: and that no man overreach nor circumvent his brother in business: because the Lord is the avenger of all these things.” Wise men observed long ago that the foundation of endemic institutional corruption is the widespread flouting of the sixth and seventh commandments. And so it should come as no surprise if sexual and financial corruption, flourish together. But St Paul reminds us that God’s justice will triumph – and Our Lord Himself assures us that there is nothing that has been hidden, that shall not be revealed in God’s time….

As most of you would be aware, a series of deeply troubling scandals in the Church has emerged in recent months. To recall just a few, without being exhaustive: the continuing saga of the 2015 appointment of Bishop Barros to the Diocese of Orsono, Chile, in the face of serious allegations of sexual abuse and cover up, and in which the truthfulness of Pope Francis’s own public statements has been called into question; the conviction in an Italian court of a judge of the Roman Rota, on child pornography charges (and the question of his appointment in the first place, when concerns had already been raised); allegations (still under investigation) of serious financial impropriety by Cardinal Maradiaga of Honduras, the Pope’s trusted Secretary of the C9 Group of Cardinals; and, most recently, grave concerns relating to the alleged misdirection of some $ US 12 million from the Papal Foundation in the US, at the personal behest of Pope Francis:


We should not be surprised if those who seek to innovate in matters of faith, or undermine established doctrine, do not regard themselves as bound by the commandments. Those who seek to relativise the moral law are generally self-justifying, and often have something to hide.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the situation of the Church in China. The worldly spirit that is currently dominating many of the Holy See’s decisions, continues to threaten the “Little Flock” of the faithful, underground Church. A heartrending plea from faithful Chinese Catholics has been sent to the Cardinals and Bishops of the world:

In the face of the possibility of schism in China, and the growing concern of the faithful (both priests and laity) regarding the tsunami of grave allegations relating to the Holy See, let us pray that the College of Cardinals and the Bishops of the world will consider their duty before God.

Let us pray for the Church’s purification, and for the faithful Catholics of China.

God bless you!

Fr Glen Tattersall PP


Parish Day of Recollection – next Saturday, 3rd March: We are privileged this Lent to have Fr Pius Noonan OSB (Founder & Prior of Notre Dame Priory, Tasmania) lead a Day of Recollection for Parishioners (visitors are also welcome). We will commence with Solemn Mass at 10 am. Fr Pius will give two spiritual conferences in the course of the day, and Confessions will be available at various times. In addition to the Church, the facilities of Maryvale and part of the school will be made available; quiet walks can also be taken in Caulfield Park. General silence will be maintained, and retreatants are asked to bring their own cut lunch (tea and coffee will be provided).

The day will conclude with Vespers and Benediction at 4 pm. Child minding will be shared by the parents (those wishing to participate in this are asked to contact Mrs Margaret Emery: ("). There have been numerous requests for a Parish recollection, so it is to be hoped that this Recollection Day will be well supported. Fr Pius will also preach on Sunday, 4th March, and a leaving collection will be taken after all Masses that for the support of Notre Dame Priory in Tasmania.

The Recollection Day programme is as follows:

• 10 am Solemn Mass;

• 11.45 am Spiritual Conference: “Metanoia – having a change of heart” ;

• 12.30 pm lunch (BYO);

• 2 pm Spiritual Conference: “Taking our part in the Passion of Christ”;

• 2.45 pm Rosary;

• 4 pm Solemn Vespers & Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Cardinal Burke visit & Confirmations: We are honoured that His Eminence, Raymond, Cardinal Burke, will visit our Parish again this year. With the approval of His Grace, Archbishop Hart, His Eminence will confer the Sacrament of Confirmation before Solemn Pontifical Mass at St Aloysius’ Church on Sunday, 14th Oct, 2018. We will call for candidates for Confirmation in due course.

Diaconal Ordination of Br Antoninus Maria Samy, O.P.: please pray for Br Antoninus, who has been approved for Ordination to the Diaconate in Washington D.C. on 10th March, 2018. We hope that Br Antoninus will be able to make a home visit mid-year.

Office furniture: a small Secretaire, and a bookcase with cupboards, are sitting on the front verandah of Maryvale, and are free to anyone who wishes to take them. Anyone interested is asked to contact the Secretary to arrange pick up.

Volunteers are needed urgently to assist with the following: porter duties in the vestibule from about 10 am on Sunday, including assisting newcomers with missals; hospitality after Mass, in the tea room; and the provision of transport to and from Mass, for infirm parishioners. For some time, a very small number of Parishioners has given most generously of their time and energy in these works, and deserve our deepest gratitude. For these important aspects of Parish life to be adequately supported without burdening individuals, we need a large number of volunteers to come forward. Please contact Fr Tattersall or the Secretary if you think you may be able to assist.

Church cleaning day & preparation for Holy Week – Saturday, 17th March: there will be a Church cleaning day commencing at 11 am on Saturday, 17th March. Palm Crosses will also be prepared that day under the supervision of an instructor. Volunteers are requested. A light luncheon will be provided.

Bl. John Henry’s Bookroom: do visit our revamped bookroom and tea room at the end of the verandah of Maryvale. Our thanks to the hardworking volunteers who spent much of this past Tuesday transforming the room!

Legion of Mary: the Praesidium of Mary, Mother of the Church, meets every Wednesday at Maryvale, from 7.30 pm. New members are welcome. Inquiries: Jordan McBroom, email, or Mob. 0487 380 411.

The Newman Parish Latin programme has recommenced, Classes start 10 minutes following Solemn Mass. Please contact the Parish Secretary with any inquiries, or to register.

The Book Club has resumed its weekly meetings (Thursdays from 7-8.30 pm at Maryvale). All are welcome. Contact: Stephen Jury, mob. 0433 575 087, or email:

Scripture class: the group meets at 7 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Currently, St John’s Gospel is being studied. Contact Fr Marshall for further details.

Dream of Gerontius: Parishioners might wish to attend the rarely performed “Dream of Gerontius” Thursday 8th March (7.30 pm) or Saturday 10th March (2 pm), at Hamer Hall. Bl. John Henry Newman’s moving poem describing the movement of a Christian soul from his death bed to Judgment was set to sublime music by Sir Edward Elgar. Visit .

Pastoral Council elections: the existing Pastoral Council of the Newman Parish having recently completed its two year term, nominations are now being received for a new Council. Nomination forms are available in the vestibule and on line. Completed forms may be given to one of the Fathers, mailed to the Parish Secretary, or placed in one of the Sunday collections. Nominations close tomorrow, Monday, 26th February.