Solemn Pontifical Mass with Confirmations

for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost

25th September, 2016

Celebrant: His Lordship, Most Rev Basil Meeking

Assistant Priest: Fr Glen Tattersall

Deacon: Fr Colin Marshall

Subdeacon: Br Shawn Murphy

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Additoinal photos kindly submitted by Michael Daniel

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dsc_6872 dsc_6875 dsc_6885 dsc_6889
dsc_6895 dsc_6897 dsc_6900 dsc_6901
dsc_6907 dsc_6909 dsc_6911 dsc_6912
dsc_6916 dsc_6921 dsc_6928 dsc_6934
dsc_6935 dsc_6943 dsc_6944 dsc_6950
dsc_6951 dsc_6954 dsc_6955 dsc_6956
dsc_6958 dsc_6960 dsc_6962 dsc_6963
dsc_6965 dsc_6966 dsc_6967 dsc_6968
dsc_6970 dsc_6972 dsc_6973 dsc_6974
dsc_6975 dsc_6977 dsc_6978 dsc_6979
dsc_6982 dsc_6983 dsc_6984 dsc_6986
dsc_6987 dsc_6988 dsc_6989 dsc_6990
dsc_6991 dsc_6992 dsc_6993 dsc_6995
dsc_6997 dsc_6998 dsc_7000 dsc_7004
dsc_7006 dsc_7008 dsc_7009 dsc_7014
dsc_7016 dsc_7018 dsc_7020 dsc_7022
dsc_7023 dsc_7024 dsc_7026 dsc_7028
dsc_7029 dsc_7030 dsc_7031 dsc_7032
dsc_7033 dsc_7035 dsc_7037 dsc_7038
dsc_7039 dsc_7040 dsc_7042 dsc_7043
dsc_7044 dsc_7045 dsc_7046 dsc_7052
dsc_7054 dsc_7055 dsc_7057 dsc_7060
dsc_7063 dsc_7065 dsc_7066 dsc_7067
dsc_7069 dsc_7072 dsc_7074 dsc_7076
dsc_7077 dsc_7081 dsc_7082 dsc_7083
dsc_7085 dsc_7088 dsc_7091 dsc_7092
dsc_7094 dsc_7095 dsc_7096 dsc_7097
dsc_7100 dsc_7101 dsc_7104 dsc_7107
dsc_7109 dsc_7112 dsc_7114 dsc_7116
dsc_7119 dsc_7125 dsc_7130 dsc_7132
dsc_7133 dsc_7136 dsc_7140 dsc_7149