Solemn Pontifical Mass of the Lord's Supper

13th April, 2017

Celebrant: His Lordship, Most Rev Basil Meeking

Assistant Priest: Fr Colin Marshall

Deacon: Fr John McDaniels

1st Master of Ceremonies: Fr Glen Tattersall

2nd Master of Ceremonies: Mr Chris Basic

Thurifer: Anthony Ike

2nd Thurifer: Giovanni Sadewo

1st Acolyte: Patrick Doyle

2nd Acolyte: Hung Nguyen

Mitre bearer: Sean Casey

Book bearer: Michael Francis

Candle bearer: Raphael Francis

Gremial bearer: William Emery

Additional servers - torchbearers: Tim Garvey, David de Leon, Peter Janssen, Francesco Neri

Sacristans: Francesco Neri, Peter Janssen

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