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The Personal Parish of Bl. John Henry Newman, with its seat at the Church of St Aloysius' Caulfield North, serves those members of Christ's Faithful who worship in accordance with the traditional Latin Liturgy (or Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite) of the Catholic Church. The Sacred Liturgy is celebrated in accordance with the Roman liturgical books of 1962.

Not merely its lawfulness, but the continued importance of the traditional Latin Liturgy for the faith and life of the Church, already affirmed by Bl. John Paul II in 'Ecclesia Dei', was further emphasised and guaranteed by Pope Benedict XVI, in 'Summorum Pontificum'.

Established as a Personal Parish under Canon 518 by decree of His Grace, Archbishop Denis J Hart, Archbishop of Melbourne, the Parish of Bl John Henry Newman draws its members from throughout Melbourne. These include both those who have always remained faithful to the traditional liturgy, and members of newer generations who have discovered and embraced it. Alongside cradle Catholics, our Parish includes many converts. As well as nurturing Catholic families, the traditional liturgy has been decisive in encouraging vocations to the priesthood and religious life among a number of community members

Perhaps the most striking feature of the traditional Latin Liturgy is the sense of the Sacred that it conveys. This is worship "in spirit and in truth", that is clearly centred on God. Holy Mass in this form unequivocally expresses the Sacrificial nature of the Eucharist. The Mass as it has developed through the centuries, under the gentle influence of the Holy Spirit, bears treasures of language, music and ritual that raise our hearts and minds to the presence and action of Almighty God. As well, the unchanging nature of the traditional form of Mass bears witness to the changeless truths of the Catholic Faith, which it is our privilege and obligation to profess, and to proclaim to the nations.

Come and see! Sincerely in Christ,

Parish Priest & Rector

Decree of Establishment of the Parish of Bl. John Henry Newman

The community was first placed under the patronage of Bl John Henry Newman at the time of the Cardinal's beatification by Pope Benedict XVI on 19th September 2010. This patronage was renewed at the time of the community's establishment as a personal Parish, commencing 28th March, 2014. Newman's journey of personal conversion, his witness to the Truth and its claims, his love of Christ and the Church, and the authenticity and relevance of his teaching in our age of confusion, all urged his patronage. Bl. John Henry's spirit is summed up in our motto (taken from Christ's sermon on the Mount): Quaerite Primum Regnum Dei (Seek first the Kingdom of God). Our Parish seal incorporates this motto, together with the interwoven emblems of "N" for Newman, and a fish, symbolic both of Christ (to Whom Bl. John Henry leads us) and of souls (stressing our commitment to evangelisation).

If you have any queries about the apostolate, please feel free to phone or e- mail us.