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10th October, 2021

20th Sunday After Pentecost

Update: 8th October, 2021

It seems timely for this year’s feast of St John Henry Newman (9th October), to draw the attention of readers of our website to the 2019 address of the Most Rev’d Anthony Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney, regarding Newman’s teaching on conscience. Indeed, it could hardly be more relevant given all that has happened, and continues to unfold, between Archbishop Fisher’s presentation in Rome on 12th October 2019, and now.

I would call to mind three critical points, which I think are supported by Newman’s teaching:

1. No power on earth - temporal or ecclesiastical - can usurp the place of conscience, properly understood.

2. The Church’s role in defending and forming conscience relies upon respect for the nature of man, and the Deposit of Faith in Scripture and Tradition that has been entrusted to Her. The Church’s Ministers - especially the Pope and Bishops - must show not only in their teaching, but in their conduct, respect for conscience as an inviolable sanctuary. This will be demonstrated especially in their dealings with those who are of the household of the Faith: priests, religious, and the laity.

3. Respect for conscience is a necessary condition for the maintenance of man’s interior freedom, and the foundation for other civic freedoms. Respect for conscience is an essential component of the common good, so that the demands of the latter cannot be played off against the former in a utilitarian calculus.

Fr Glen Tattersall

First Holy Communion: parents wishing to prepare their children for First Holy Communion (preceded by First Confession) are asked to email the Secretary as soon as possible, and provide baptismal certificates for the candidates (or the date of baptism if baptised in the Newman Parish). First Holy Communion will be held at the Solemn Mass on Sunday, 12th December, 2021 (Gaudete Sunday).

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