Groups and Activities

The Parish of St John Henry Newman

Newman Fellowship

The Newman Fellowship for Young Adults (18 to 30) meets every 3rd Saturday each month at 11.15 am at Maryvale where a wide range of topics are presented and discussed inducing Church history, philosophy and culture from a traditional perspective.

In 2018, the group has commenced an historical overview of the events of the last few centuries that have brought the Church and western culture to the point we now find ourselves. This series commenced with a discussion concerning the triumph of Christendom in the Middle Ages followed by its gradual deterioration at the hands of the philosophy of nominalism and its ensuing influences. Following meetings have then moved onto the impact of the protestant reformation as well as the subsequent counter-reformation and the Council of Trent. Future discussions will focus around the themes of the so-called “enlightenment”, rationalism and romanticism leading onto modernism and the movements of the 20th century.

Meetings are concluded each month with prayers in the Church, which often includes the singing of Vespers (according to the 1961 edition of the Roman Breviary) followed by Benediction. Fellowship and discussion then continue over supper at Maryvale. Learn more about the faith with other like-minded young people!

The Parish of St John Henry Newman

Classes and Catechesis

The Parish regularly hosts a range of classes from adult and childrens' catechesis, to Bible and Latin classes

Adult Catechesis – Classes are held weekly during school term, at 9.30 am on Sunday before the Solemn Mass. Classes are open to all parishioners and visitors from the age of 16 and above. The Lent term will be on The Christian Life: key issues in moral theology, and will aim to complement the philosophy course on Nicomachean Ethics given in Janaury/February this year. To register, please contact the Secretary.

Children's Catechesis - The Children’s Catechism Classes are on Sunday from 12.15 to 1 pm after the Solemn Mass. For more details or to enrol, please email the parish secretary.

Bible Classes - the group meets at Maryvale at 7 pm on the second and fourth Tuesday each month. We are currently studying St John's Gospel with frequent reference to the commentaries of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. No previous knowledge of Scripture study is required and anyone can start attending at any time: no need to wait for a new course to begin. Sometimes a Bible Study has to be cancelled or postponed at short notice so it is advisable to check with Fr Marshall (0426 401 237) before coming for the first time.

Latin classes - The Newman Parish regularly holds Latin classes following Solemn Mass. Currently there are no Latin classes scheduled. Please check the bulletin for updates.

The Parish of St John Henry Newman

Sodality of St Joseph – men’s prayer group:

The Sodality is open to all men aged 18 and over and meets monthly. For further details, please visit the Sodality home page here

The Parish of St John Henry Newman

Reading and Discussion Group

The reading and discussion group in the parish explores some of the great writers and philosophers who've contributed to traditional Catholic culture and thought over recent centuries as well as some of the more recently published reflections on Church history, culture and teaching. The group is currently reviewing some of the pivotal papal encyclicals of the late nineteenth century as they appear in Church historian and liturgist Dr Peter Kwasniewski’s A Reader in Catholic Social Teaching. Meetings of the group take place on Thursday evenings from 7 pm at Maryvale. Those interested are asked to contact Stephen by email:

The Parish of St John Henry Newman

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is now meeting at the new time of 8.45-9.45 am on Saturdays (enabling those who wish, to attend 8 am or 10 am Mass). The Newman Parish’s Praesidium of Mary, Mother of the Church, welcomes new members. For more information, please contact the President of the Praesidium, Pierre Berard: , Mob. 0451 357 306..

The Parish of St John Henry Newman

St John Henry’s Bookstore

The bookstore is located inside the tea-room at Maryvale, and is open regularly after the morning Masses on Sunday. There is a diverse selection of books available, including MIssals, calendars and diaries with lives of the Saints.